From behind the console to behind the mic, Mark Russak's voice is engineered for success.
Mark's extensive working background in Media and Production spans years of collaboration with some of the most well known musical artists, advertising agencies, Hollywood celebrities, record labels, major television networks and Fortune 100 businesses. From mixing music to directing broadcasts to engineering studio designs, Mark's success lends to a natural transition now using his own remarkable instrument....His Voice!

Message From Mark

Although we probably have yet to meet, there is however something in common between us : We both want the perfect voice for your project. I highly value your trust and confidence in me. My background & experience has enabled me to successfully work in media & broadcast production for over 20 years. My commitment to deliver the highest quality material every time is paramount to the mission of “Voice Over Mark” Please feel free to drop me a line with any questions you may have. I am always happy to discuss the vision of each project beforehand.  By the way….thanks for listening.


By the way, I love your service, it makes it very easy and affordable for small companies like ours to get profesional audio. Thank You

A professional voice that transcends in range from the power of authoritative leadership to the comfort level of your next door neighbor.

Working with Mark is a great experience. He is able to stay true to my vision while adding his own spark of magic to the voice. I will continue to use him in the productions of my animations for years to come.

Mark has been one of the easiest voice over profesionals I have ever worked with. Our company produces hundreds of promotional material and we always need quality voice over services for our commercial needs. Mark has always delivered promtply and with great quality for what we have needed. He is our go to voice over for many of our projects.

What a joy working with Mark! His professional and creative approach consistently contributes to the excellence of our product. And then there is THAT voice! As a non-profit company we are especially blessed to have affordable access to this wonderful talent.

Mark Russak has the vocal instrument producers love. Whatever character a script may call for, he naturally transitions and delivers top rate performances every time. Having worked with Mark on numerous sessions, I give him the highest recommendation possible. He is definitely my top choice for voiceover

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